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Why Become an Advisor in Our Community Family Office?

At Visionary Horizons Wealth Management Group, we are financial coaches and life planners.

Independence & Autonomy

Culture & Collaboration

Technology & Practice Management

Client Centered

We have developed a unique concept in wealth management, the Community Family O­ffice™ where we took the concept of a “family office” and reinvented it into a holistic and personal approach to helping client families and businesses manage their financial and personal lives as well as those within their communities.

The most unique aspect of the Community Family Office™ uses our innovative products and services that enhance our client and community engagements and extends this to our internal community family of advisors. You see, at Visionary Horizons we understand the entrepreneurial desires of investment advisors whether just beginning your career or whether you have been practicing for years with an established Book of Business. 

We know that it is an extremely difficult balancing act of being a true fiduciary to your clients while effectively managing the operations of an RIA, so why not consider our Community Family O­ffice™ as a practice management resource to help you broaden your level of independence for running your own business on your own terms?

As a member of our Community Family Office™, we offer the following.

  • We will help you transfer your book to our stable clearing platforms under Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade, and we will complete mutual contracts with you to ensure that your book will always remain your own including no solicitation clauses protecting both parties.
  • This is your book of business and your firm, so we do not pressure you with sales targets. Nor do we have competing loyalties to specific companies or products to push on clients.
  • We provide access to use our sophisticated and proprietary portfolios if you choose to use them, but the decisions for your clients’ portfolios are always at your discretion.
  • You will become a member of our Investment Committee where we perpetually analyze and adjust our portfolios to optimize market opportunities while aligning with the risk tolerance of the clients.
  • We can provide a long-term succession plan providing the eventual financial freedom when transitioning to retirement, or perhaps offering advisors the ability to identify and purchase a book of business to help you begin a practice or continue growing.
  • We offer competitive compensation packages that attract IARs at any level of your career including opportunities for ownership in Visionary Horizons.

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