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The world of wealth management is moving towards independence & autonomy.

 Shouldn’t you do the same?

Join Our Community Family Office

Many advisors are tired of being employees with little autonomy to recommend what was best for their clients. Visionary Horizons offers a contractual commitment that client relationships, along with that Book of Business, belong to the advisor. They openly welcome you into a collaborative Community Family Office ® of respected and trustworthy fiduciaries who genuinely care about all aspects of their communities and their members.

Join Our Team

  • We will help you set up your practice, transfer your book, and establish yourself in your community.
  • This is your book of business and your firm, so we do not pressure you with sales targets. This is your practice, so you can run it the way you and your clients prefer.
  • We provide access to use our sophisticated and proprietary portfolios if you choose to use them, but the decisions for your clients’ portfolios are always at your discretion.

Independence & Autonomy

Culture & Collaboration

Technology & Practice Management

About Visionary Horizons

About Visionary Horizons

Since its origin in 2009, Visionary Horizons has always been about creating a company of like-minded advisors who want to create, grow, and maintain their own business without being forced to understand and perfect the entrepreneurial aspects of working in their business.

Each of our advisors begin their relationship with us by signing a contract stating their book of business is their own, and they also agree they will not poach clients from our other advisors. Once completed, our team will work tirelessly to help you with all of the aspects of helping you get started. We will coordinate all of the required actions from U4s to Notice Filings in your state to establishing master accounts in Charles Schwab to re-papering clients to our firm. We will also train you along the way on our extensive technology platforms and the use of our proprietary portfolios to get your clients back into the market quickly while aligning within their risk tolerances.

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