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Practice Management Technology & Structure

Do you have the best technology and support?

We provide the infrastructure to compete with large firms, but in a small firm setting to better serve our clients and grow our business. Is a Community Family Office® right for you?

Why Join Our Community Family Office

Visionary Horizons’ support model uses the best technology platforms and associated processes that help our advisors to spend the majority of their time doing what they do best – take exceptional care of their clients. Our technologies exist to help you maintain compliance, provide extensive portfolio analysis, automate quarterly billing, develop appropriate financial plans, and manage the daily tasks required to stay current with all of your clients and their unique needs.

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  • Reduce need for internal staff and management responsibilities
  • Leverage state of the art technology not typically available in smaller RIAs
  • Standardized processes surrounding compliance, billing, and bookkeeping

Independence & Autonomy

Culture & Collaboration

Technology & Practice Management

We have partnered with some of the best technology in our industry.

All of our advisors have complete access to the following platforms and more:

Our Process


Providing industry-leading custody services and sophisticated tools to deliver specialized services and exceptional value to RIAs.

Our History


In addition to custody services, Veo One offers an improved interface to flexibly manage your business, and also available are access to TD Ameritrade’s iRebal and thinkpipes to help you identify and adjust to the dynamics of the market.

Our Values


This essential tool extracts portfolio information directly from our custodians where we can review portfolio performances and create client reports in a single platform. It also offers enhanced workflow and technologies to manage the quarterly management fees sent to the custodians.

Our Process


This software also integrates with our business partners, and it is this technology that houses all of our SEC books and records requirements while managing our compliance calendars, requisite actions and tasks. It also monitors the personal trades of our advisors.

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Provided to help keep up with all of the various client needs while also helping us track and manage future prospects.

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Manages and tracks receipt of our digital compliance communications while Global Relay runs seamlessly in the background to help us maintain compliance of external clients communications.

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Provided to continually evaluate and monitor the performance of our sophisticated portfolios as well as to identify new investment ideas to stay abreast in our ever-changing market.

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Platforms used to provide custom financial plans for our clients providing interactive tools to prioritize goals and provide a robust platform for stress testing against the long-term expectations of our clients.

Our Values


A valuable tool to efficiently analyze tax-related information used during financial planning scenarios.

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