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Maybe You Need a Break…Or Just a Little Rest

Maybe You Need a Break…Or Just a Little Rest

November 15, 2018

As I sit here this morning, knocking out a few tasks before our Monday Morning Meeting, I can’t help but think I’m not the only one who may need a break…or maybe just a little rest.

I’m currently on a 20 plus week exercise binge with no real recovery. I completed two Spartan races and spent hundreds of hours in the gym during that time. I know, recovery is key. But, I’m not always tired and there is so many areas of my fitness where I can improve. Just last night, I likely spent an hour going back in forth in mind about what I might or might not do at the gym this week. For some of you, this notion is ridiculous. But it should be relatable. Some of you spend 60 plus hours a week on your career or business. Why? Because you love what you do, want to get better at your job, or simply need to make more money to survive. Whatever the reason, many of you reading this need a little rest.

Holidays for many can be very stressful. November to January for most Americans is the worst best time of year. I used to be the Grinch around the holidays because everyone else seemed to get a break from work while I got a day for Thanksgiving and a day for Christmas. When those few days off would come, I wouldn’t really rest and let myself appreciate what I have – family, friends, faith, and good health.

Today is much different. In my 35th year, I’ve learned the importance of enjoying a little rest. My wife and I try to practice rest every night by stretching together. But, holding poses for 5 minutes while kids are trying to jump on you defeats the purpose. When I say you need a little rest, I don’t mean you need a break. Please don’t confuse the two. If you need a “break” then you’ve gone too far and are running on fumes.

During this holiday season, I challenge you to rest. Take some time for yourself and your family – if only for a moment. Rest helps us to reflect. Reflection causes us to appreciate what we have. If you’ve been in a tough season, take heart, like the holidays it is only for a moment. You too can still find time to rest.

If you are at the point of needing a break, take it! Rest. Contemplate. Plan. Figure out what you need to do to make sure you don’t get to the point of needing a break again. Schedule rest in your life. I schedule rest from the gym periodically. Not only is it beneficial for the body, but it’s good for the mind.

When we have had quality rest, we come back stronger and more motivated. Find the time in your life to rest.