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All in a Day’s Work

All in a Day’s Work

July 01, 2021

Just the other day at a social gathering, I was met with a question one might ask a financial advisor. "Where is the market headed from here?" I gave my usual answer: "My educated guess is up, over the long-term." But this time it really got me thinking. My industry does a poor job of highlighting the real work that goes on in the trenches by financial professionals every day.

The financial industry as a whole spends a lot of time and money developing market forecasts, and creating loads of investment products and research. This can result in those that most need to take control of their finances suffering from analysis paralysis and inaction. I believe the real heroes in my chosen field are the ones that are not only Financial Planners, but also serve their clients by empowering them to be "financial doers."

Some examples of recent client wins include the following:

- Helped a blended family develop a game plan for their estate that would accomplish all of their stated goals and introduced them to an attorney to help them execute.

- Reviewed the tax implications of a client's Required Minimum Distributions for this year and discussed strategies to proactively reduce their tax liability.

- Encouraged client to secure additional Umbrella Insurance through their home and auto insurance to protect their assets from catastrophic liabilities.

- Showed a couple how they could get affordable health insurance through which allowed them to retire earlier than expected.

- Spoke with the son of a client about investing basics and helped him start his first Roth IRA so that he could put time on his side to enjoy the benefits of compound interest.

I'm generally not one to pound my chest or toot my own horn (unless you count the accomplishments of my near perfect boys), but I am very proud to be part of a group of financial professionals moving the needle everyday for our clients and their families.

We believe conversations with your advisor should be geared more towards your family's goals and concerns rather than recent portfolio performance or the firm's latest market outlook. If you agree, schedule your private consultation today.


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