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5 Ways to Manage Cabin Fever

5 Ways to Manage Cabin Fever

March 19, 2020

During this current period of isolation and shared sacrifice, it is important to remember what we can do to avoid cabin fever and stay connected with our friends, family and community. Below are 5 ways to avoid the cabin fever blues when they start creeping in.

In the digital age, we have gotten far too accustomed to keeping up with friends and family via text and social media. Now is the time to re-connect the old fashioned way. Just hearing the voice of a friend or family member can make a world of difference for those feeling the most isolated.

1. Pick Up the Phone to Check in with Friends and Family Members

Staying connected with senior family members can alert you to their immediate needs as well as keep you aware of potential encounters with those who look to do them financial harm. Those feeling the most lonely and isolated are the most at risk to opening up and leaving themselves vulnerable to a strange but friendly voice.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology can allow us to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world. Facetime, Skype and other video communication applications can help us stay connected even if we are several time zones away. It is a good time to encourage and help facilitate video chat with your family and other family members that may be at a distance.

Many churches have even started broadcasting their services via webcast so that members can tune in from the comfort of their homes. This can be a good way to look to maintain fellowship with your community for the time being.

3. Getting Outdoors

While most sporting events and large group activities are being cancelled or postponed, that doesn't mean you have to stay locked up in your home. Going for a walk, hike, biking or even working in your yard can be good medicine both for your mental and physical health.

4. Start Spring Cleaning Early

Now can be a good time to get started on those things you may have been putting off for too long. Cleaning out the garage, painting a room or doing minor home repairs can keep your mind busy and allow you to be your most productive.

5. Limit Time in Front of Screens

The news, social and other forms of media understand that depressing and upsetting news will garner more eyeballs and hold the public's attention more so than positive news which can be helpful in selling advertising. That is why many outlets will often lead with distressing events and can use stats and numbers out of context which can cause greater concern. If you find yourself feeling depressed it is probably time to change the channel or put down your phone and talk to a friend or family member about what you are feeling.

Being both social and emotional creatures is in our DNA which is why it is important to take steps to stay connected and avoid the impact of isolation. By staying patient and making some sacrifices today, I am confident we will see better days ahead.

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